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If you have been in the construction industry for a while, you have probably heard the term “Design-Build” more and more recently. But what are “Design-Build” projects, and how do they benefit developers and business owners?

Design-Build is a construction project delivery methodology where the design team works closely with the construction team throughout the entire project life cycle, which combines the owner’s design and contractor’s construction services in a single contract

By working together from the start, both teams can collaborate effectively and efficiently. This allows for a seamless transition between phases of the project, resulting in a higher-quality build and reduced costs.

In the past, Design-Build projects were often seen as a secondary or alternative method of construction, but are quickly picking up steam and are steadily becoming one of the standard ways to develop a project.

As a developer or business owner that may be unfamiliar with design-build projects, what are some of the reasons many seem to be turning to them, and what are the benefits? Here are a few that many of our clients have found to be the most beneficial:

Streamlined Process: This one is big. In a traditional project delivery method there would be multiple layers, and moving pieces to navigate, making clear communication a dire need.

With a Design-Build project, the process is streamlined and flows from the Owner to Design-Build Team- to the Subcontractors. When the process is as straightforward as this it drastically reduces the chance of miscommunications and costly errors. The Designer and Contractor work together to deliver your project in the most seamless way possible, making design-build construction a proven way to deliver construction projects in a more efficient, effective, and time-saving manner

Increased Project Speed. Many business owners plan to go that route over the traditional route over the next 5 years. Why? Design-Build projects more often than not deliver projects significantly quicker than traditional construction methods giving business owners a quicker return on their investment.

More Benefit, Less Risk. When both designer and builder are working together the benefits are numerous. What do these types of builds offer business owners?
– Design-Build construction offers fewer opportunities for frustrating miscommunications and setbacks
– Design-Build construction is less risky and less likely to have costly setbacks and mistakes
– Design Build construction is more likely to stay on, or ahead of, schedule
– Design Build construction is more likely to stay at or below budget
– Design Build construction can offer a greater return on investment

There is a lot to like about going this route of construction. When looking for more information on these types of builds work with a firm with a solid track record testimonials and experience and can offer you references for past projects. Doing your due diligence now can pay big dividends in the future.

Design-Build construction is only going to become more and more common in the future. For more info, visit the Design-Build Institute of America website to find tools and information, or contact us to help you navigate whether this may be the right avenue for your next project.